Youth vs. Maturity – a haiga

Autumn Buck Haiga
Autumn Buck Haiga, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.
(click on photo to enlarge)


Regal lad I am

Lofty, clever gents beware!

Wisdom prevails.  Joy!


Seeing deer in our yard, especially females and fawns, is almost a daily event for us.  However, autumn is the time of year when we see more bucks.  They migrate further down the mountains in pursuit of the females and will confront other bucks in their quest.  We have witnessed the locking of horns and pushing each other back and forth right in our back yard, with the females keeping a safe distance.  The younger, more arrogant looking bucks don’t seem to be afraid to challenge an obviously older, wiser, more distinguished buck.  Out of the scuffles we’ve seen, age and maturity win in the end.

This is the third haiga I’ve created this month inspired by the 19 Planets Art Blog call for the month of September.

12 responses to “Youth vs. Maturity – a haiga

  1. aloha Fergiemoto – wow, so picturesque that pose. what a treat to see this kind of wild life. beautiful. way cool on haiga and haiku too. you have a great natural sense of placement for your words. aloha.

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  3. They remind me of people. Same trait, sometime youth makes us feel that we can’t be hurt or we are better that the older ones, only to fall flat on our face . Then we discover humility. Beautiful photos with an exciting story to boot. I would love to live in a place where nature and wildlife are plentiful. For now, I have this post to marvel about. Stay blessed always.

  4. wood ghost (~_~) we call them around here… stealthy silent, one minute they’re not there, the next minute they’re there….majestic creatures of the forest kingdom.

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