Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

Tiger, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.
(click on photo to enlarge)


Life with no borders

Dash into infinity



This is the first photo that came to mind for this week’s challenge.  I took this picture at a zoo last month.  Perhaps the tiger would like to be free, or maybe it doesn’t know anything other than captivity.  Where would instinct lead him?

Also, the thought I had when I took this photo was that this may be the closest I ever come to a safari.  That is my dream trip.  Possibility?

(You can see hints of a texture I applied to this photo.)

27 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

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  2. One of the most graceful animal, but its real grace can be seen only in the wild…if u get an opportunity to see the tiger in wild do not miss it… i speak coz i was lucky enough to get this opportunity and i cannot forget those spectacular 4 minutes!
    And this is a brilliant click! Loved the detailing!

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