A Brugge Street in Watercolor

Brugge Watercolor
Brugge Watercolor, a photomanipulation by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (click on image to enlarge)
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Silent discrete path
Seeking tranquil from bustles.
Persuading a stroll.

This is a watercolor effect of one of the first streets we walked after parking our car in Brugge, Belgium.  It seemed to be a long, yet fascinating stroll to the Markt (Market Square) where we encountered a flurry of people bustling about .

Other watercolor effects in this blog:

26 responses to “A Brugge Street in Watercolor

  1. Be still my heart! Fergiemoto, bottom line, I enjoy your creations from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I am going to try Etegami after the first of the year. I’ve never manipulated a photo, but if I can totally alter it, I may explore that. I am still a die hard when it comes to my pure, unaltered photography. This has to be something totally aside. Margie

  2. I love the way the street cuts to the right pulling the perspective off center, and I love how the watercolor effect softens the colors… it makes it so inviting I want to take a stroll! (which makes your haiku right on – it DOES persuade one to take a stroll!) : )

  3. “Persuading a stroll”: how did you know that is what happens to me at first ray of sunrise almost every morning? Wonderful imagery in both words and Brugge watercolor.

  4. I really love this watercolour picture – or the watercolour effect. The subtle tones fits so well the picture of the street. A strong and very dynamic perspective. The muted colours are beautiful. Simply love the picture.

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