A Chickadee’s Dilemma…or Not

Chickadee Haiga

In my last post, I wanted to get feedback on what your caption would be for this image or what this bird was thinking.  The response has been really great with a lot of variety!  Many thanks to those of you who visited or participated.  It was fun to see your ideas come in!

As for the short history, this bird really amused me.  He hopped around the peanut several times and examined it in great detail.  At one point, he just stood nearby with his back to the peanut as if he were pondering how to eat it.  Within a couple of seconds after I took this photo, he snatched up the peanut and flew away with it so fast that I didn’t have time to snap another picture.  It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened.  Clever little guy.  He has since been back for more!  Here is the haiku I promised:

Adorned in disguise
Impossible quandary.
Clever evades con!

Please check out the creative ideas others have left in the comments.  Also, some fellow bloggers provided their haiku for the image, which I have included below:

It looks like a nut
But it could be a decoy
How will I find out?

Hibernation Time…!
Is this food or am I nuts?
Celebration Time…?

Warm as I ponder
Chickadee to be like me?
Sit a spell and see.

10 responses to “A Chickadee’s Dilemma…or Not

  1. Wonderful haikus, all! Thanks for relieving my angst about this dear little chickadee getting something to eat and not just hypnotizing himself over this large peanut! I really MUST try to write some haiku. Who am I kidding–wordy me?

  2. My next post is going to feature the Black-capped Chickadee (words and painting)! My very old birdbook has some interesting phrases describing this cleverly resilient and sweet songbird:

    Uniform Good nature
    Confiding dispostion
    makes scolding or chuckling notes

    For me they are such constant friends in my garden!

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