Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Liftoff, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (Click on image to enlarge).
Also linking up with Camera Critters, Creative Exchange,  Our World TuesdayWorld Bird Wednesday, Nature Notes and Texture Tuesday

Soft, tranquil plumage
Nature’s painted ornament
Reveals its splendor!

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84 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

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  2. Beautiful!

    “Nature’s painted ornament” – that’s just lovely.

    I had a camera given for Christmas – never done photography before and I’m excited! Though it will be a challenge with one hand!! It has a remote “bite” switch.


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  4. Such a dear, clever, brave, exuberant, wonderfully decorative little bird-soul! Talk about a launch! That we should all launch ourselves into each day half this well! Thank you so much for this gift today, fergie!

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  7. Thank you for dropping by my blogs and “like” them. You have a lovely blog. I love your photos of nature. What lens do you use because it’s very difficult to capture those actions/moments. Also, you have a great eye to present the “wow”.

  8. That is simply an amazing shot. Captured at the exact right moment bringing out all the energy and desire from the little bird. The crisp colours are just lovely, you did a really well with post production.

  9. love the mountain shot in the Tetons-how did you take that and with what? And love the woodpecker taking off. Thanks for dropping in to my blog9the squirrel) and i will watch what you post-looks good!

    • Reminds me of the two birds I see every day on a tree in front of my room when I was in Diego Garcia long time ago. Suddenly, a very sad day when I found only bird. Even worst when what I feared was true. The other bird never came back. About 10 days or so, the lone bird never appeared as well.

      Hihi. Sorry for stealing your show. Just sharing.

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