I! Challenge: Immaculate Iris

Immaculate Iris
Immaculate Iris, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (Click on image to enlarge).
Linking up with Texture Tuesday.

Soft appliqués grace
Luminous sheets of white silk
A blooming snowfall

It’s too early for irises to be making an appearance in our area, but I love the different colored irises in our yard when they do arrive.  A group of these white and purple irises look like freshly fallen snow adorned with lovely color.  They just look and feel so crisp, clean and refreshing!  (I took this photo last Spring and applied a texture to the image to soften the flower.)

I’m posting this photo for the “I” Challenge by Frizztext (“I” is for Immaculate Iris).  Thanks, Frizz, for hosting these challenges!

Other participants in this week’s challenge:

54 responses to “I! Challenge: Immaculate Iris

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  2. Just beautiful my friend. I noticed your watermark. What does it stand for? And, I have to tell you, a friend of mine just hand made me two rubber stamp chops which turned out fab. I can’t wait to show you. She is Japanese and loved creating them for me. So special.

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