T! Challenge: Tulip, Tenacious, Texture

Aging Tulip
Aging Tulip, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (Click on image to enlarge).
Linking up with Texture Tuesday and Flower Art Friday

tenacious beauty
unyielding compassion
tulip life-cycle

The tulips in our yard are at the end of their blooms.  The leaves are tired, withered and falling off, yet some of the plants seem to be holding onto compassion as long as possible.  The stamens in this image appear to be in compassionate speech with each other, forming a heart shape at the same time.  What I see here is an example of beauty in aging.

(I applied a background “texture” to this photo, as another interpretation of the “T” theme.)

How do you interpret this image?


This post is for the “T” Challenge by Frizztext (“T” is for Tulip, Tenacious, Tired, Texture)

72 responses to “T! Challenge: Tulip, Tenacious, Texture

  1. Such a lovely idea, showing and reflecting on the tulips past their ‘best,

    Love the haiku, especially the second line–‘unyielding compassion’ and as you also continued this idea in your commentary. Uniquely and aesthetically interesting!

  2. Our tulips faded long ago … it’s so sad their life span for the season is so short. What beauties they are, while they’re in bloom. You captured the texture of this tulips very well. Good choice for T. 🙂

    • I know – I wish the blooms would last longer after having to wait so long to see them. We are at a higher elevation, so our blooms occur a couple of weeks later than usual. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Talk about aging gracefully! What a beautiful imagery. I think you captured tulips at it’s best. Sure everyone can make them look beautiful when they are young but it takes talent to still capture it’s beauty as they are dying.

  4. Beauty in aging like the last blooms of the beautiful Tulips that brought us so much inspiration. Amen! A lot of us are afraid of getting old but in truth, it is a beautiful part of of our life cycle. We should not listen to what the media or the world is saying, we should listen to what our soul is trying to whisper. Wonderful post.

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