V! Challenge: Voracious

Voracious, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (Click on image to enlarge).
Linking up with Macro Monday.

a splendid banquet
satisfies the ravenous
nature’s pest control

Photo taken in our garden today.  This is the first year I’ve seen aphids on one of our lupine plants.  This ladybird was apparently famished.  I’ve seen most of the ladybirds go after the smaller aphids, but this one went after a large juicy one…and then ate several smaller ones afterwards!

This post is for the “V” Challenge by Frizztext (“V” is for Voracious – also Victor and Victim)

44 responses to “V! Challenge: Voracious

  1. I love macro photography. It is amazing how tiny little bugs can be so intricate when you zoom in on them. You really managed to snap off an excellent shot of your little friend in action. Those ladybugs are the ticket for pest control! I bought 1,000 of them one year and turned them loose in hopes they’d stay close to home. A few did, but most flew away to other places. 😦 The ones that stayed had more than their share of aphids to eat, though. They are such beautiful little devils. 😉

  2. Great organic insecticide. Put several cigarette butts in water in spray bottle. When color of tea it is ready. Nicotine kills em and keeps them a bay. Does not harm plant or fruit or vegetables.

  3. Brilliant macro shot.
    Apart from the detail, it is probably one of the most interesting macro shots I’ve ever seen. Many people take a macro of one insect, but I love the Labybird eating an aphid shot you’ve shared with us. Great capture, Fergiemoto.

  4. I’ve read Ladybirds eat about 100 per day. Talking pest control.
    We all love to think of Ladybirds are being totally cute, but you show the voracious side of them. All the sudden they aren’t cute, they are merciless, hungry killers.
    There is a lot of tension in this photo.

  5. Amazing capture! There is so much in life that we miss because we aren’t looking close enough, your shot gives us a hint at that look.

  6. What a wonderful image of a ladybird. The bright red and black is a brilliant contrast to the lush green of the foliage and soon to be eaten aphids. I am sure all keen gardeners are heartened by the sight of the ladybird munching away on the aphid. One less sap sucker!

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