Happiness Is…

Hummingbird Peek-a-boo
Hummingbird Peek-a-boo, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (click on photo to enlarge)
Linking up with Nature Notes and Rural Thursday.

…playing peek-a-boo with a hummingbird!

I am submitting this photo for the weekly photography challenge at the Digital Photography School website.  The theme for this week is “movement” (the hummingbird wing represents movement).

If you happen to have an image or posting with your own interpretation of “Happiness Is…”, feel free to include the link in the comments below.

82 responses to “Happiness Is…

  1. I more than like this photo.. I love it.. what a great capture, perfect head lovely eye and the wing movement.. fantastic…
    Can we not ask WordPress to add a button? I want a love button… not just a like button… marvelous photo…

  2. Return of the bird, I see. I went to San Diego Botanical Garden and I saw a bird, probably just like what you show here. My picture is no way close on how you expertly take pictures of birds and of other nature. And, that bird flew away so quickly I didn’t get the good amount of chances to take pictures of it. Hehe

  3. How did you get such amazing detail..I love these little birds but I don’t have a single photo that comes anywhere close to this…wonderful for Nature Notes..thank you for linking…Michelle

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  5. There’s no doubt he’s found his nectar!

    This is a prize winner! I love hummingbirds, and fortunately get them in the garden for a few months during the summer. We have a large tree that I hang the feeder off of, and it’s so nice to see them perch once in a while.

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