“A” Challenge: Artwork

birthing a meditation
a natural pain reliever

Do you meditate?  Meditation, as many people interpret it, is a struggle for me.  I have tried different methods and nothing clicked, until I learned that artwork, like photography, painting, sketching, digital art, photomanipulation, crafts, etc., is a type of meditation because they are things I can “get lost in” and become “oblivious to everything else around me.”  I can even become oblivious to some of the chronic pain I live with.  I am on a long healing journey and artwork has recently become an important healing activity for me.

I am often in our yard with my camera in hand, and this morning was no exception.  We live in a wooded area surrounded mostly by scrub oak.  It’s very shady, which makes getting sharp wildlife photos more challenging, but just in a 15 minute period, I saw and immersed myself in photographing the following:


Nature and landscape photography are my favorite types of photographic artwork.  On rare occasions, my patience with nature photography is surprisingly rewarded by a dragonfly allowing me to stroke its body and wings, and even offering up a few cute poses (as I wrote about in a previous posting)!  Sometimes, a bird will unexpectedly land very close to me, providing a nice photo opportunity, and one time a deer found me to be a curious creature and came in for a closer look.  We’ll be seeing Bambis quite regularly in our yard now, since this is the time of year they are born.

I continued my artwork today by assembling the above images in Photoshop Elements.  I would love to be a skilled photographer or artist but just working on these activities regardless of my skill level, and using nature to assist, are very healing.  For me, what could be more meditative than that!

This is for the letter “A” story challenge by Frizztext, to share a short story or reflection, even an aphorism using a word tagged with each letter of the alphabet.
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34 responses to ““A” Challenge: Artwork

  1. You are right, wildlife photography is difficult, but you’ve done a great job. I love taking pictures and I understand what you mean when you say you get lost in it 🙂

  2. Blending in with nature is my mediation too. And yes, so true that when it happens, animals come very close to you. Little wonders happen. Like the other day a flower fly came over to my daughter and drank from a drop of water from her hand: we could study her tiny wings, eyes and cute tube-tongue.
    Lovely photo’s, Fergie. Such photo’s show you have great patience and a fine way of getting in tune with your surroundings. You make us very happy with the visual fruits of your meditations. Wishing you much improvement with your health.

  3. Lovely shots.
    Communing with nature, looking for that perfect moment to press the shutter button and immersing myself in photography has turned out to be one of the best analgesics in my 31 year battle with chronic pain.
    Walking meditationm as I call it, gets me home no matter how fatigued I feel when out and about. Mostly I don’t even remember the walk home at all.

  4. I couldn’t agree more..I used to take yoga and meditation classes before I got too ill to do it, but I find nature is the best healer for me even with the sorrows. I forget my pain and just hone in.. I am sorry you are dealing with pain, I do too and it a balancing act everyday. Yes..my eyes are improving finally and after almost a month of treatment, I am ready..thank you so much for your kind comments….Michelle

  5. Love these photos – fun to see the mama deer after the beautiful baby last week! I agree, meditation can be difficult. Glad to hear you’re finding your own meditative time through nature and photography, and that you share it with us!

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  7. I always enjoy your ‘work’, Fergiemoto. And I hope there is even more comfort in them for you to know how much healing and happiness your photograph and words bring to others! Thank you.

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