“B” Challenge: Bees, Blue Orchard Bee, HoneyBee

Blue Orchard Bee
Blue Orchard Bee, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (click on photo to enlarge)
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a speck in nature
tiny but not trivial
interdependence of life

Bees, in general, are the major type of pollinator for flowering plants.  They are the “predominant and most economically important group of pollinators in most geographical regions….Pollination is not just a free service but one that requires investment and stewardship to protect and sustain it.”  (http://www.unep.org)

Recently, I noticed several of these dark-colored bees attracted to our lupine flowers and snapped this photo, among others.  What is the significance of this little Blue Orchard Bee?  Recent concerns about the decline of the honeybee population, along with the blue orchard bee’s highly efficient pollination, such as with tree fruits, have increased interest in the blue orchard bee as an alternative orchard pollinator to the honeybee.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), about one mouthful in three in the diet directly or indirectly benefits from honeybee pollination!  This includes nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables.  It’s amazing how we, and many things in nature, are dependent on such small yet important insects.

There are various reasons for the decline of the important honeybee colonies, but a couple of suggestions that the public can take to help the honeybees and other bees is to:

  • Not use pesticides indiscriminately, especially during mid-day when they are foraging for nectar, and
  • Plant, and encourage the planting of good nectar sources

I saw a quote that read, “Everything in the world, no matter what it is, depends on something else for its existence.”  Can you think of a case where this is not true?  So far, I haven’t been able to.

This is for the letter “B” story challenge by Frizztext, to share a short story or reflection, even an aphorism using a word tagged with each letter of the alphabet.


38 responses to ““B” Challenge: Bees, Blue Orchard Bee, HoneyBee

  1. This is a wonderful post with great information and I know many people read your blog..this is a tough time for pollinators and we do need them. I made a special effort to plant for pollinators this year..love the photo and the poem…thank you for this post..Michelle

  2. Nice shot of the orchid flower and dark colored bee. It is said honeybees will disapper in a near future.I think your suggestion is very important.

  3. I love the photo and I agree completely with the quote. Even though I’m allergic to bees I admire and appreciate them. Too many people often overlook how connected we are to everything in this world.

  4. Amazing photo! I saw a documentary which showed some farmers in China hand-pollinating their orchards because the bees have disappeared from their area – an unbelievable cost to the world if the bee populations continue to shrink – apparently a virus is to blame for the disappearance of some bee populations but it’s origins are unknown

  5. Love the bronze shades on the wings!
    We do not realise how dependent we really are on every other species on earth! Thanks for the reminder Fergiemoto.

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