“H” Challenge: Happiness Is…

Nature Comes To You
Nature Comes To You, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  Click on photo to enlarge.


Happiness is…

…when nature comes to you!


Have you ever experienced a welcome approach from nature’s critters when you’re not even trying to approach them?  Serendipity!

When the fawns were first making their appearance last month, which is the usual time they are born here, I selected a spot in our backyard where I could sit with my camera and zoom lens, and hopefully get some photos.  Unexpectedly, two sibling fawns that were only a few days old started walking towards me.  I didn’t try to approach them; I didn’t extend my hand out to them; I just stayed in my spot taking photos.

One fawn seemed very curious about this two-legged creature with a funny box in front of her face, and came in for a much closer look.  Inquisitive Bambi came so close to me that my camera couldn’t focus in for a photo!  Now how often does that happen!  (Usually my problem is that they are too far away to get a good photo.)  She/he was just over a meter (four feet) away from me.  The other sibling maintained more distance and came as close as about three meters away.

I find the same thing with some of the birds in our yard, especially the hummingbirds, chickadees and scrub jays.  When we don’t try to approach them, they come closer to us.  Some of the hummingbirds get close enough for me to capture a photo with a macro lens…and just a few days ago, hubby and I were on our back deck talking when a chickadee landed on his shoulder!  I wish I had my camera with me at that time!

This is for the letter “H” Story Challenge by Frizztext, to share a short story or reflection, even an aphorism using a word tagged with each letter of the alphabet.

I used a texture on this photo to soften the background and focus more on the fawn.

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116 responses to ““H” Challenge: Happiness Is…

  1. One of the loveliest fawn photos I have ever seen! Thank you! You were relaxed, the as yet innocent animal curious: what a heartwarming result to share! I remember sitting next to a huge multihued butterfly perched atop one of my gardenias last summer: we shared long minutes ere I was the one to have to go . . . pity . . .

  2. Many years ago as a teen, I was hiking at Panther Creek State Park by myself. I came to an opening on the path with large boulders on one side. I got to the middle of the path and a small herd of deer completely surrounded me. There must have been 7 or 8 of them! I stopped dead in my tracks & sat down on the boulders in awe. They paused there for several minutes within just a few feet of me. I will never forget that moment.
    Beautiful capture! Those ears are so adorable.

  3. Like Pixigiggles and you, we have met a bambi during a nature walk (in England). It stood dead still to look at us (‘such strange creatures’). We enjoyed every second of our encounter. There was no time to make a photo and our young deer didn’t have big ears. Your little fellow is utterly cute with its disproportionate ears.

    • How fun and exciting for you! Fawns will freeze completely still at the notion of danger. It’s a protection instinct in case of potential predators. This one didn’t freeze, it surprisingly walked toward me. How unusual.

  4. What a fantastic encounter! I’m not sure I would have been able to control myself and would have so wanted to reach out and touch those beautiful fawns. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story (and photo). Made me smile today. 🙂

    • Yes, it was exciting! I wanted to extend my hand, but I knew it wouldn’t work, so I had to contain myself and just let it be. It paid off though, even if I didn’t get a really close up photo. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Glad it made you smile.

    • Hi Scott! Yes, it was surprising – the little fawns usually freeze, but this one was curious enough to be fearless and approach me. Very memorable encounter. Have you had anything similar happen on any of your hikes?
      Thanks for the nice comment!

      • Hello Fergiemoto…you’re welcome for the nice comment. 🙂

        And no, nothing so sweet on my hikes yet…I usually startle them in the trail and they spring off after one or two seconds at most…. I’m not usually sitting still long enough of the trail for one of them to come out of hiding and approach me…but it would be wonderful. 🙂

  5. Such a lucky moment caught for all to share. Just lovely, I too see many deer from a distance and a close encounter like this has to be very rare, especially with paranoid Momma deer in the vicinity!

    • Yes, it is rare to have one approach you this closely. Very exciting indeed. The mama usually keeps a distance so as not to attract a predator to her young. Thanks for the nice comment!

  6. That photo is so beautiful. I can see tiny question marks floating over that cute Bambi’s head. So lovely! I think you were very lucky to capture this. 🙂

    • Thank you for the lovely words! I can see those question marks too, now that you mention it. Yes, I was lucky. It is a rare occurrence for them to approach you like this.

  7. a fellow animal whisperer (~_~) the key is to move very slowly
    or remain still. The fawn reminded me of when my step-father took
    me hunting for the first time. He left me in a stand before dark.
    When the sun came up a herd went by over the fence and a young deer that looked like the one in your picture jumped but didn’t clear the fence, it got caught up in the wire. I climbed down, slowly approached it and got it untangled. But for fear of kicking me I held it while pullingthe wires from its back leg. It dropped to the ground and styed put. I held it, sitting by it, petting it and my father drives up and never let me live it down that he put me out there to shoot a deer but instead I was out there petting one. He always said I was special for that. (~_~)

    • Oh, what an awesome story, Art! To be able to pet a wild creature like that is very rare indeed. You are an animal whisperer, and it seemed to trust you! What was a recent post of yours…about fighting without fighting…you got what you were hunting without a gun. Thank you for sharing your story with me and for your lovely compliment.

  8. What a beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing that amazing experience.
    (and as to the bird landing on your husband’s shoulder – remember, your camera is now part of your body and should never be left indoors).

    I take my DSLR everywhere except walking out to the letterbox and taking it food shopping, even then, I sometimes wish I had my camera when I walk from the bus stop to the food market.

  9. Oh my, what big ears!!! I saw one the other day to the side of someone’s dirt drive and I had to turn around to see if it was real or a statue……as I made the turn..there it was…bounding across the road to the other side of the woods. Really cool…I had my camera…but had to keep my hands on the wheel.

  10. Oh my gosh..what an amazing encounter and you captured that sweet innocence perfectly and I love that you have wildlife photo ethics…some people don’t…but the wildlife knows that you so..wonderful for Nature Notes..Michelle

    • Thank you for the kind feedback, Michelle! I like that phrase – “wildlife photo ethics”. I get more of nature coming to me when I just let them approach on their own.

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  14. Hmm… I’m envious of your encounter! It really is special to be sought out by wild animals that are just as curious about you as you are about them. I have no doubt that it speaks well of your frame of mind, that these babies felt able to approach you!

  15. This one is so gorgeous…love those ears and big eyes! Happiness, definitely! And, yes, I’ve been so fortunate too, but with finches that came to look at me when I was sitting on some steps outside my, then, abode, in the Kimberley. Often butterflies might land on me, if I stand really still whilst they are nearby.

  16. The photo and your reflection just made my day! All things come to those who wait. I was filling the bird feeder the other day and a chipmunk just sat there at my feet looking up … waiting for a little seed to drop his way no doubt. I love that the chickadee landed on your husband’s shoulder! Always such a delight to come to your blog, Fergiemoto!

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