Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Urban Japan

wait for bullet train
within my long journey home
business traveler

I took this photo at the Shin-Osaka train station in Osaka, Japan while waiting for the bullet train (shinkansen).

Although this photo is photoshopped, I wanted to place emphasis on the businessman and the sign, and blur the rest of the image.

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is to share a photo
that means URBAN to you.

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76 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. Love the image….and no need to say sorry about Photoshop. In the ‘old days’ of the darkroom we did similar, dodging, burning in , multi image merging, photoshop does the same on digital. I think photographers who create great images (such as this) should stop apologising that Photoshop was used….you have a new fresh image that is unique.

    • Thank you very much, David. I agree with you. I mentioned it because the challenge sounded like it was indirectly discouraging photoshopping. But I did take some liberties, not very much. I’m not hesitant about using Photoshop, and if I see an image I like, I usually don’t care if it is photoshopped. Use of the tool still takes a skill and talent to create a pleasing image.

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