“K” Challenge: Kick Up Your Heels!

Kick Up Your Heels!
Kick Up Your Heels!, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  Click on photo to enlarge.

you’ve conquered hurdles
and rejuvenated the day
celebration kick

Don’t forget to kick up your heels and celebrate the small successes, too!

(Kick up your heels:  to celebrate, to have a wonderful time, to enjoy yourself)


This is for the letter “K” Story Challenge by Frizztext, to share a short story or reflection, even an aphorism using a word tagged with each letter of the alphabet.

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59 responses to ““K” Challenge: Kick Up Your Heels!

    • Thank you, Paula! lol – Funny, I was wondering that myself! There were many ladybugs on the plant, and also tons of aphids. They probably didn’t notice the hairs given the buffet of food.

    • Thank you very much, Scott! I’m glad it turned out because I was laughing while taking the photo. I didn’t use a tripod because it was too hard to follow them around with it attached.

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    • Thank you for that information! I’ll remember that when next spring rolls around. I love ladybugs also…and I loved my trip to Greece (went there on our honeymoon)!

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