“L” Challenge: Little Lola

Little Lola
Little Lola, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  Click on photo to enlarge.

we are all unique
beauty of diversity
is not to be judged

Meet Little Lola…

…that’s what we named this female house finch…no particular reason other than the name popped into hubby’s head and I liked it.  Her little tuft of feathers on top of her head seems permanent and distinguishes her from the rest of the female finches that visit.  Also, while the other finches were busy savoring sunflower seeds from one of the feeders, she was checking out the peanuts, and even seemed to be guarding them.  Perhaps she’s a free spirit.  Lola is different, but still lovely.  When we see this tuft, we know that it’s Lola visiting us.

Lola is my little representation of diversity…in that both beauty and strength exist with diversity.

 “Civilization is the encouragement of differences.”
~ Gandhi

“I think… if it is true that
there are as many minds as there
are heads, then there are as many
kinds of love as there are hearts.”
~ Leo Tolstoy


This is for the letter “L” Story Challenge by Frizztext, to share a short story or reflection, even an aphorism using a word tagged with each letter of the alphabet.

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87 responses to ““L” Challenge: Little Lola

  1. Can you see that other eye near that tuft? House finch sometimes have an an illness that affects their eyes and may cause the feathers to be kind of strange. I wouldn’t have thought of it but I have one here now..I hope she is just different..Michelle

    • Thank you for the information, Michelle. I did not know that. We have another female finch with a significantly deformed right eye. I think it is blind in that eye because she doesn’t respond when I walk around her on that side.

      • Take a look here and see if this is what your finches look like…

        It can make them blind as it progresses. It is a respiratory disease that also affects the eyes and can affect goldfinch and some other birds. avian conjunctivitis … house finch are so social and probably pass it more when roosting together, but also from feeder ports so keeping the feeders clean is important….it always breaks my heart when I see it here and I do..Michelle

        • Thank you for the info. The eye on Lola looks normal, but we have another female finch that seems to have a huge tumor/deformity where her right eye is. She is blind in that eye because she doesn’t notice me when I walk towards her on that side.

  2. It is so cute!!! And has an intelligent gaze, almost human!!! Congrats Fergie!!! I am happy you stopped by my blog first!!! If not, may be I would have never meet you!! Thanks a lot!!!

  3. She’s saying “I may be brown, but I too have my markings denoting beauty, including my wonderful crest and chest. I’m tiny but oh, so powerful! Thanks for the nuts.” Lovely post.

  4. This is such a wonderful post, Fergiemoto, from the photograph of lovely Little Lola to your reflection on her in prose and poetry to the wonderful quotes. I must share this today (on Facebook and Twitter)!

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