Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

petite cotton balls
blanketing as downy quilts
their journey accomplished

It’s still the middle of autumn, but the last three days have made me feel like we’re in the middle of winter.  We received our second large snowstorm this season, and the biggest snowstorm in over a year, per our local evening news.  My eyes confirm that statement based on how deep the snow is in our yard.

It’s amazing how quickly the weather can change.  Thursday was a very nice, sunny, warm day with temperatures in the mid 60’sF (about 19 Celsius) and no snow on the ground.  On Friday morning, we woke up to about a foot of snow (30cm) and freezing temperatures, and it has been snowing almost nonstop since.  Saturday morning we woke up to a few more inches of snow, about 16 inches total (41cm).  Right now, Sunday afternoon, there is about 22 inches (55cm) of heavy, wet snow accumulated on our deck since Friday.  You can see the difference in those snow depths among the above images.  (I live at an elevation of about 5,500 ft/1,676 meters.  The elevation of nearby Salt Lake City is 4,226 ft/1,288 meters.)

I enjoy the beauty of living where we experience all four distinct seasons.  Freshly fallen snow blanketing the mountains and valleys is certainly beautiful in the winter, even if I don’t like driving in it.  However, last year was a dismal snowfall year here.  We live in a dry, desert climate, and my state’s (Utah, USA) water supply is dependent on the buildup of winter snowpack in the mountains and the resulting spring water runoffs into our reservoirs.  Also, the ski tourism industry here, with 14 world-class ski resorts and “The Greatest Snow on Earth®” is an important part of the regional economy and obviously dependent on snow levels.

Hopefully, this large snowstorm indicates a good start to a respite and renewing some of the snowfall totals we didn’t get last year.   However, the Utah State University Climate Center found that over the past 40 years, Utah has warmed twice as fast as the global average, and our annual snowpack is shrinking.  Time will tell, but it is a situation that cannot be ignored.

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is to share a picture
that means renewal to you.

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46 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

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  2. Wow! Snow! Amazing! It had to be close to 80F here today.
    Looks like you really got hammered.
    I like those photos. It’s funny too, I’ve always wanted to run a time lapse video of exactly that type of scene. Start with almost bare outdoor furniture, then show the progression as the snow falls and inches really start to mount up.

  3. Very impressive snowfall. Lovely photos (and I hope this early snowfall results in plenty of water at the end of the season).

    We’ve had lots of rain through Spring, so hopefully that will serve us well as the long range weather forecast was for a particularly dry summer.

    In recent years, the weather is predictably UN-predictable.

  4. The beauty of this, for someone who has not lived thru’ a snowy winter for some 30 years, is a magical experience – thank you!

  5. I do miss snow. we barely had any last year in London and I don’t think we are expecting much this winter either. I love snuggling with a book and tea on a snow day.

  6. Wow – that is a lot of snow! I love snow, but it always creates problems when there is such a big fall all at once. In order to get out of our street and up the hill to the main road and civilization, we are dependent on the snowplough clearing the snow first.

    Lovely shots – hope it warms up enough to enjoy the snow.

  7. Amazing. Love pictures of snow. We don’t really get snow in South Africa except for on the top of a few mountains and twice (in my life) it snowed in Johannesburg where I live and then it was maybe a few inches.

  8. oh wow, Fergiemoto, that is an amazing dump! it does look beautiful.
    so far the local mountains have had some dusting, but i personally don’t mind that it hasn’t snowed in town.
    thanks for all the many visits to my blog recently, by the way. much appreciated! 🙂

  9. There is nothing as clean and revitalizing as freshly fallen snow, and your photos have captured its innocent beauty so well. We still have only had a dusting, and as we are also way down in our water levels from little snow last year and little rain last summer, we need a snowy winter. Don’t like to drive it in either, but nice when it comes in increments and piles up a little.

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