Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Home, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (click on photo to enlarge)

priceless journeys
in seas of euphoria
the sky is my home

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge
is to share a picture that evokes home to you.

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59 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. A very pretty photo of a mountain bluebird. The photo to me is one of day to dusk, to call one home after a day of being away and to go in for food, comfort and rest.
    I made it a favorite on Flickr. Very nice, Fergie,

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  5. Wow! This is really beautiful! It sounds lame but this has a dreamy quality for me, almost otherworldly. Love it. 🙂

  6. I like your describing so much, maybe you should put it in your own post too?
    “I write at home, in a big soft comfy chair (hubby and I have side by side
    matching chairs), a portable computer desk, sipping green tea, and where I can
    view all the birds at our feeders. One entire side of this room is made of
    floor to ceiling windows and a glass door. We have a beautiful view of the
    mountains and valley also. I keep my camera nearby so I can snap photos of the

  7. Lovely words which soar above the image. Looking on wards and outwards without the baggage of the past or the uncertainty of the future is what priceless journeys are all about.


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  9. Two other photographers and I began an iPhoneography Challenge this month. Please join us for this mobile arts photo challenge. Your photograph is ethereal and surreal with a touch of Zen for meditation.

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