Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Autographs in the Snow
Autographs in the Snow, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (click on photo to enlarge)

carpet of snowflakes
informs me of charming visitors
birdie autographs

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge encourages us to change our perspective on something and to share a photo of a subject shot directly from above.  I think it would be difficult to see more definition in the bird tracks at any other angle than from directly above them.

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    • I’m so glad they made you smile, Frizz! Thank you!
      They might make your cat smile, too. Maybe I should take more photographs in the winter and compile a few pages of birdie footprints for her to read. I’m curious, how do you think she would interpret these tracks?

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  8. Imagine walking in the snow with your bare human feet. Aren’t birds admirable, walking in the snow barefooted, flying through the air with the greatest of ease & singing beautiful songs for our entertainment. Some of us humans can sing, it’s true. But if we tried to fly off the top of a tree with our bare useless arms, we’d fall flat on our faces. Nice poem by you, my dear Fergie, & photo 2…

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  10. tomorrow I’ll write in frizzenglish about the word “gullible” – a word learned by you, my dear english teacher: article is already scheduled, I’ve set a link there to your blog!

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