Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Hiking / Soul Searching

Soul Searching
Soul Searching, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (click on photo to enlarge)

soul searching
continuing the journey
through a daunting world

Five years ago, I took this photo at beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah, USA, along the Queens Garden hiking trail.  I was still able to hike at that time, at least on the less difficult trails.

This is the photo I used in my first posting to introduce this blog.  I created this blog almost two years ago as part of my healing process through many, many health issues, debilitating and including widespread chronic pain.  (I’ve explained some of these in my other health blog.)  It is a much-needed therapeutic way to explore my own creativity, whatever may arise, with a primary goal to help me heal, and a secondary hope to develop and improve artistically.

Last week the number of followers on this blog reached and surpassed 1,000!  I never imagined this would happen when I started blogging, but more importantly, I am encouraged and appreciate that many have found my blog worthy of following, commenting, liking, or even just visiting.  It does help with the healing.  Thank you very much!

I am still on the journey through several health issues, and I don’t know yet what is on the other side.  Perhaps I will be able to hike a trail like the Queens Garden Trail again.  But in the meantime, Soul-Searching is still applicable.

This photo is for the Wild Weekly Photo Challenge where we are encouraged to take you along on a hike.
This is also for the “Tagged” letter challenge (letter “S”) by Frizztext,
(“S” is for Soul Searching.)

37 responses to “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Hiking / Soul Searching

  1. This is a beautiful photograph, and I think I have seen it before. Your photography is simply amazing and I can so very much understad the therapeutic value of sharing our creativity. It definitely does promote healing. I am not at all surprised you have such a huge following. And I wish you much more healing to come and look forwrd to seeing a picture of you hiking again! 🙂

  2. Ahh congratulations, I love your blog, it’s a real treat to see what you post. I’m glad you found this way to express your creativity. Like you I’ve been at it for just over 2 years and have a similar number of followers. I’m mystified at times that so many people all over the world like to visit me!

  3. Congratulations for such great milestones Fergiemoto! It’s been an absolute pleasure following your stunning work and getting to know you over these last two years. To many more views from the top and I wish you continued good health. Always, Sharon

  4. It took a bit to overcome the open heart surgery and now the leukemia, but I have ridden from Seattle to Portland twice and hiked to 7,000 feet on Mount Rainier. I am no doubt much slower, but I enjoy every step as I hike, I enjoy the smells just as much, and the sound of the gravel under my boots is still an absolute pleasure. So, start a little earlier, rest more often, and wave at each person who passes you to encourage them on…

  5. HI Fergie, Charlie up above is quite correct. It is through will and determination, and faith that we can get through most things in our lives. I hope that you can beat that infernal chronic pain. May god be with you.

  6. Wishing you well, Fergiemoto…hope you’re able to get back out there like you used to be…and congrats on the 1000 followers! How wonderful!

  7. Wonderful post and well done on acquiring 1000 followers.

    Being a chronic pain & ill health sufferer myself, I encourage you and support your hopes of one day hiking those trails again. There’ll always be something, somewhere, sometime that brings fulfilment and joy into our lives.

    We just have to open our eyes to see (and open our hearts to the possibilities).

  8. Congratulations on the impressive stats. I am not surprised either, considering the quality of your work. Wishing you good luck with your search Fergie 🙂

  9. It is such a pleasure and privilege to follow your journey, Fergie! Your beautiful images and reflections always balance and beautiful my life. Blessings for better health. XO

  10. Dearest Fergi – somehow your notifications have not been coming to me… i just popped over after seeing you visited my place today ~ so sorry. I will catch up here soon – and re-follow. This canyon is stunning – and your photo even more so! Sending hugs (gentle ones) and lots of love ~ x Robyn

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