L! Challenge: Leader

Pronghorn, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (Click on image to enlarge).
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Secluded mingling
Deftly allures a harem
Twilight sentiment

About a half an hour before sunset during a road trip last week, we noticed this herd of pronghorn antelope females and one buck in a desolate, isolated, and lonely desert area.  (We only saw one other vehicle the whole day!)  The end-of-day sun provided gorgeous lighting of these animals despite the dry landscape.  There were also two other females that weren’t captured in the photo.  The group dispersed quickly after seeing us, so we only took a few quick snapshots and were on our way again!

According to Wikipedia, “A pronghorn male will defend a fixed territory that females may enter or it might defend a harem of females” and “When courting an estrous female, a male pronghorn will approach her while softly vocalizing and waving his head side to side, displaying his cheek patches.”

I’m posting this image for the “L” Challenge by Frizztext (“L” is for Leader)