P! Challenge: Pollinator

Pollinator, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (Click on image to enlarge).

“I’m busy as a bee
collecting the drink
for future queens”

(“Oh wait, I AM a bee…a worker bee!”)

This bumble bee is likely a tricolored bumble bee based on my google searches (bombus ternarius).  Bumble bees are valuable pollinators and produce only enough honey to feed their young.  The ones visiting us, like this one, tend to favor the oregano blossoms in our garden and don’t seem to mind me when I have a camera directly in their faces.  They just go about their business.  However, I accidentally stumbled on a bumble bee nest one time while working in the yard…and paid for it dearly!

This post is for the “P” Challenge by Frizztext (“P” is for Pollinator)

Other articles about bumble bees:

45 responses to “P! Challenge: Pollinator

  1. I’ve gotten stung by ‘A’ bumble bee, a time or two, and I remember the pain well. I can only imagine the inprint on your memory hitting a nest of of them would leave. Ouch! But still, I do love to watch them at work, pollinating the flowers. Thanks for the wonderful closeup shot. Good choice for ‘P’.

  2. Wonderful shot, Fergie.
    The only bumble bees I’ve seen to this day are the black and yellow ones. This one you have here is definitely interesting.

  3. My very favorite post for the “P” challenge–pollinator! Pleased to see you are growing oregano in your garden. And I, too, have stumbled into bumblebee nests! Oowee!

  4. Holy tomoly, a beautiful close up and yes, they don’t care when they are buzzing about their business if you get up close and personal. Not so personal as when you encountered a nest however…ouch!

  5. Oh, no! I hope you aren’t allergic to them! [must have been very painful!]. This shot is wonderful and I absolutely LOVE your haiku! There is this …tenderness about them both!

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