Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Pals, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (Click on image to enlarge).
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The language of pals
So different yet very close
Warnings leave no doubt!

Muttsy (pup):  “Can we play more?  I want to play.”
Bandit (cat):  “I’ve had enough.  Come any closer and you’ll regret it!”

(I turned this photo into a black and white, and added a texture to make it look much older than it is.)  I saw a cute exchange of playfulness between these two pals when Muttsy was a pup.  Yep, cats and dogs can be pals.  But when cats have had enough, they make it known, at least ours did.  She was flicking her tail sharply and her front paw was about to swat.  Bandit was clearly the boss here!