Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Fight!, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (click on photo to enlarge)
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wrong to fight
wrong camera settings
two wrongs shape a good photo

…or does it?

I think most will agree it is wrong to fight.

The poem is unlike my usual and just feels wrong.  This is intentional.

But what about the photo(s)?

At first I didn’t like it because of the amount of blur.  With a second look, however, I felt the speed and intensity of the fight movements, and ended up liking it.  After all, this photo was taken right at sunset and for some reason, the fights were more intense at that time, so I wanted to get some shots of the activity.  The colors were also more vibrant.  I used continuous shooting, no flash, a slower shutter speed, and a higher ISO.  It’s expected that the result would be blurred photos.

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is to share a photo that means WRONG to you!

62 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. With hummers it’s all about their jewel like color. And it’s not easy to capture that the way you did. DEFINITELY the color version and the blur just emphasizes the blur of their movement.

  2. What saves this image is the strong intent in the eye of the hummer. You can improve this image by sharpening JUST that eye, as it is the strong focal point of the image ( I probably woudl also sharpen the line of the beak as well to blend it all in). Also, since the feeder is in focus, adding a little blur to it would make the other areas appear more sharp. You could add a vignette as well to darken the outer edges, also making the hummers mor prominent.

  3. I often wonder why I don’t want to post a blurred photo of a bird… they are not always easy to capture and a lot of shots show the speed at which they’re moving, after seeing this I realise how beautiful they actually are.. the photo depicts the fight and anger and I impersonally think its good…

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  6. I love the colour version. I really like the ‘blur’. The image is really dynamic; a fast-moving moment suspended in time. One of my favourites of yours Fergie.

    • Thank you, Meanderer! That’s really kind! I always hesitate about so much blur. But I’ll just have to give more photos a second look and see if the blur adds to the image.

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  8. I do like the coloured one, especially because the expression on the one bird, it looks if he or she is mad. 🙂 Great shot.

  9. I like both photos. The blur captures the moment and movement which is all you have when viewing or photoing hummers. I have numerous photos of hummers but I have been unable to capture 2 at a time. Congratulations. I posted a painting on my blog in June 2011 – “Presto Wings” of a bird in flight with blurred wings.

  10. It was a difficult choice, but the desatuated one just edged it over the color one. It almost seems other worldly … and after all, hummingbirds are so magical.

    I think the effect on both captures the intense motion of this amazing little bird.

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