France Architecture in Watercolor

France Watercolor
France Watercolor, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (Click on image to enlarge).

Inquisitive eyes
Engage in deep dialogue
Tales weathered from age

When I see old structures or trees, I wonder, “what stories do they have to tell?”  “What have they seen?”

Several years ago when I was in France, we made a road trip from Cergy, where I was staying, to the beaches of Normandy.  We stopped in a town where the distinct architecture caught my eyes.  I was intrigued by the unevenness in the design because I had never seen it before.  I don’t recall the name of the town, so I haven’t been able to find information about it from Google searches.  (In the far right corner, on the lower level of the building, you will see a sign.  The words can’t be made out, but it read “Bibliotheque Pour Tous” – per Google Translate, “Library For All”)

The original photo was scanned from a negative, and then I applied a watercolor effect using Photoshop Elements.

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28 responses to “France Architecture in Watercolor

  1. FM, this turned out so cool. Love it. Just got a chop stamp from Japan through a fellow blogger. Is yours your name and/or what does it say? We can email to discuss your chop and Photoshop if you don’t mind. Margie

  2. That’s a lovely watercolour and captures the characteristics of these old buildings so well. We have many like it in England; so old and so full of life and character.

  3. Wonderful use of this Photoshop Elements tool. Scanning from the negative made this end result possible using that tool, I see. Wonderful. I also love your “Tales weathered from age” line. Like fine wine, they improve that way, don’t they?

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